Terason Ultrasound Systems


Born from Massachusetts Institute of Technologies (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory in 1994 by Dr. Alice Chiang, Terason updates the world of Ultrasound with true portable technology, as seen with the laptop,  iPad and Kindle. They continue blazing the technical trail while being held as the most user-friendly systems available currently on the market. 

Winning Awards

In 2007, Frost & Sullivan awarded Terason the Technology Innovation Award in the field of portable ultrasound systems for the development of two innovative systems called the Terason t3000, the t3000 Echo system. The significance of the system lies in its best-in-class image quality and function that are comparable to the high-end cart-based ultrasound systems but only at a fraction of the price.

Terason Echo Ultrasound System

Terason's ultrasound revolution continues by combining the world's only custom chip specifically designed for ultrasound imaging performance with an innovative laptop platform – the MacBook; Pro from Apple. This open architecture and unique chip technology enables Terason to offer cart based system performance and set the benchmark for superior image quality in a cost-effective and highly efficient laptop package. Battery-operated design with a dual-user interface making it fast and easy to use in any clinical setting, this powerful, easy-to-use and accurate system provides key functions for comprehensive exams, such as 2D with advanced harmonic imaging, tissue Doppler imaging, pulse wave spectral Doppler, and RF data for research, just to name a few.

Buying Power with Imaging Associates

You may not be purchasing for a large hospital or doctor's organization, but you can now buy like one. Imaging Associates extends to you great pricing on new Terason ultrasound systems and supplies because we buy in large quantities. Each order is covered by our Complete Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We have technicians for Terason products located throughout the nation and Latin America.


Terason Ultrasound Products

  • Terason 2000+ Ultrasound System - This is an exceptional value-priced ultrasound system that employs the micro-miniature “system-on-a-chip design - it truly is an ultrasound system built on a custom-designed silicon chip. Providing high speed computation with low power usage and sophisticated imaging software, this Window-based unit is very customizable for myriad of applications and has remote operation capability. Imaging modes include 2D/M-mode, simultaneous triplex, power and directional power Doppler, PW Doppler, and, Color Doppler. More product literature can be found here.
  • Terason t3000 Ultrasound System - This powerful, lightweight, portable imaging machine offers image quality, networking and workflow benefits not previously possible in a small system. From world class images, to the Fusion™ Processor and high-performance laptop computer, those familiar with Windows graphical user interface will love its intuitive capabilities. Plus, the patented Teratech Architecture produces superb imaging and Doppler, and facilitates real-time, quantitative image and data analysis.
  • Terason t3200 MSK Series - A specially designed ultrasound system for musculoskeletal imaging.
  • Terason t3200 Breast Series - A specially designed ultrasound system for breast imaging.
  • Terason t3200 Vascular Series - A specially designed ultrasound system for vascular imaging.
  • Terason Transducers - Terason features a number of transducers designed for special and unique applications. Call to speak with one of Imaging Associates customer service agents to speak about your uses and we will suggest which one would work best for you and your patients.

Imaging Associates Provides Superior After Sale Support

Including Training, Technical Support and Service On-site in-service and applications training, service and parts contracts, and technical support on an as needed basis…and your sales and service satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please take a few moments to browse our inventory of Terason medical imaging equipment. If you have any questions, feel free to call us now at 877-720-9210 to discuss your specific needs, answer any questions, and get your order placed.