Digital NST Fetal Monitors

Doctors and nurses along with other medical professionals practicing in the field of
Obstetrics and Gynecology are perhaps the most dedicated medical professionals in
the industry today. Their passionate pursuit of medical knowledge fueled by a desire
to provide patient care, has been burdened by the “business” of operating an OB/Gyn
medical practice. With the staggering cost of OB malpractice insurance, coupled with
declining reimbursement rates, and recent EMR mandates, we can truly marvel at the
men and women who continue to dedicate themselves to this profession.

At Imaging Associates, Inc, like you, we are dedicated to patient care. As a medical
equipment supply company with 20 years of experience, we are committed to
providing quality products designed to support and enhance medical services. Our
most advanced digital fetal monitor, the VM F6 NST developed by Visual MED, Inc., was
created to greatly enhance OB practitioner offices. Helping them cut and control costs,
improves medical staff efficiency, increase revenue, and, expand market opportunity.
It may sound like too much for one machine to offer an industry that has seen few
opportunities of late but the VM F6 non stress test truly delivers. Increasing productivity
while providing quality patient care, this Digital NST, thinks like today’s medical

Wireless Fetal Monitors Enhance Patient Care

Doctors and nurses are first and foremost caregivers. Their priority is to provide
professional healthcare in an efficient yet personal manner, preferably in a stress free
environment. The VM F6 NST specifically addresses doctors’ and nurses’ hectic schedule
by providing a wireless, paperless, digital NST system, and one that is easily monitored
throughout the office on any computer screen. Patients, who typically prefer to have
antepartum testing in their doctor’s office with known medical professionals, rather
than a hospital, enjoy the ease, quietness and speed of digital NST.

Older systems are manpower intensive. The wireless interface technology of the VM
F6 means this paperless NST can be monitored from any location on any computer
screen. Thus enabling nurses to attend to other patients while the digital NST is being
performed. Physicians outside the office can also view real-time fetal monitoring. When
the fetal monitoring non stress test is complete (generally within 20 to 30 minutes),
nurses can spend quality time answering patient’s questions while the small monitor
belt is being removed.

Wireless Digital Non Stress Test Cost Benefits

The majority of Medical professionals did not enter their chosen field with concerns
of business concepts like productivity and cost control. Today, being foreign to these
concepts is no longer an option. The knowledgeable medical equipment experts at
Imaging Associates are dedicated to helping you provide quality health care while at the
same time maximizing your productivity and control cost.

Our VM F6 NST was uniquely designed to enhance and expand your medical services,
increase your professional staff productivity time, increase the value of your exam
rooms, cut and control your costs, and, increase the opportunity for practice growth. In
addition, the VM F6 NST is more efficient and affordable than current paper based NST
systems. Digital NST’s are easily shared with remote colleagues or emailed to insurance
providers for proof of service. For the typical OB practice, based on CPT Code 59025, the
ROI is less than 60 days.

Is the VM F6 NST Compatible with EMR?

Imaging Associates offers this NST for EMR. We know EMR can be costly, cumbersome
and complicated. Our HL7 interface allows the VM F6 NST to auto link to EMR. Using
a Portable Document Format (PDF), our paperless fetal monitor is compatible with all
EMR systems.

Paperless NST – An Easy Learning Curve

Much like a new car the VM F6 NST Digital Fetal Monitor has been designed to out
perform its predecessor but operationally, it is still the same. For medical professionals
familiar with the paper-based non stress test, there is virtually no learning curve. Those
new to the digital non stress test will find it extremely simple and intuitive. Design of
the VM F6 NST and its software development is based on input from our customers –
doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the industry.

Imaging Associates, Inc. - Your Digital NST Fetal Monitor Expert

The VM F6 is a multifunctional, portable NST system that is not only easy to use but
also affordable. This digital non stress test has many additional features making it the
most advanced integrated monitoring system of its kind. Please contact us if you would
like more information. Our expert staff is happy to answer any questions you may have
about the VM F6 or any one of our other products.

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