Financing of Ultrasound Equipment

Imaging Associates has worked with thousands of doctors and medical facilities just like yours for over 20 years and understand you need the best lease deal with the best equipment to keep your practice the best it can be. This is more than a lease; it is your professional reputation and financial well being at stake.

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    Leasing and Financing Options for Ultrasound Machines

    Imaging Associates, Inc. uses a variety of outside leasing companies that can cater to your individual ultrasound practice needs. Here is some helpful information contributed by Heartland Business Credit that gives you financing and leasing options to consider.

    If Cash flow is crucial, then leasing can be an important option

    • A company makes money on the use of equipment, not on the ownership of it
    • 80% of US businesses lease some or all of their equipment
    • Over $234 billion of equipment was leased in 2003
    • Leasing Provides your company with profit-generating equipment
    • Leasing Conserves capital, leaving existing cash and credit limits untouched
    • Leasing Results in a 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE business expense
    • Leasing Allows the inclusion of delivery, installation, taxes, training and other soft cost
    • Leasing Eliminates many of the Hassles of conventional financing

    Why Lease?

    Consider the adage to “Invest in assets that appreciate in value over time, lease assets that depreciate in value over time.”

    1. Manage cash flow – map your lease payments to the revenue your new technology generates
    2. Leverage purchasing power – acquire the technology you really need, don’t settle for what you can afford with cash
    3. Preserve cash and bank credit lines – for soft-cost expenditures such as advertising, staffing, or office renovations
    4. Match useful life – keep pace with technological changes as upgrades become available
    5. Tax advantages – different accounting and tax advantages can apply depending upon the type of lease chosen

    Which Lease Type is Right for Your Practice?

    Finance Lease:

    $1.00 buyout to take title to system

    1. Qualifies for Section 179 tax benefits
    2. An installment sale for tax purposes, so lessee deducts interest expense and depreciates equipment
    3. A capital lease for accounting purposes, lessee deducts interest expense and depreciates equipment

    Tax Lease:

    There are three end of lease options:

    1. Return system to HBC
    2. Continue leasing on interim basis
    3. Exercise Fair Market Value (FMV) purchase option, which varies depending on original lease term
    1. Does not qualify for Section 179 tax benefits
    2. As a tax lease 100% of the payment is tax deductible as a business expense on income statement
    3. Typically a capital lease if 4 or 5 year terms selected
    4. May qualify as a FAS-13 operating lease on 2 or 3 year terms depending upon the equipment & ask for details

    Why Did Imaging Choose to Partner w/ Heartland Business Credit?

    A subsidiary of Heartland Bank (St. Louis, MO), Heartland Business Credit is based in Lakewood, CO with branch offices nationwide. They’ve been providing bank leasing and finance options to the business community for nearly fifteen years. HBC holds and services its own portfolio, which means our customers can add-on or upgrade their systems as their needs change.

    FAQ’s about Heartland Business Credit

    • Do you offer deferred or ramped payment plans? Yes, we can customize a deferred, ramped, or seasonal plan.
    • What’s your interest rate? Both FMV and Finance lease rates are based on the transaction size, term length, and credit profile of the customer. Contact your Heartland Business Credit representative for current market pricing at 800-648-6517 ext. 123 based on your specific request.
    • Why not go to my bank for a cheaper rate? Your bank may not be cheaper, compare. Many companies prefer to keep their bank line open for appreciating assets, or cash required expenditures such as marketing, staffing, renovations. Lease financing from Heartland is competitive, easier and faster than your bank option.
    • Can I payoff my Agreement early? Yes, HBC will deduct the unearned interest and provide an early payoff option at any time.
    • We are experts.

      At Heartland you deal with professionals who understand equipment and how to finance it appropriately, and also have common sense when it comes to business.

    • We listen.

      We take the time to understand all aspects of your situation so we can recommend the best cost-effective financing alternatives.

    • We're fast.

      Your Heartland officer has the authority to make decisions quickly. Heartland understands that you can’t grow your business by taking weeks to make a decision, so we don’t either. After all, your opportunity is ours too.