Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can tailor a lease program to fit your exact needs at competitive rates.
Price discounts are available for multiple or volume purchases. Please call for details.
When you purchase a new system, a potential buyer pays for all the extra features that the ultrasound manufacturers added, whether there is a CPT reimbursement for that added feature or not. When you purchase the most current revision “Reconditioned” equipment, a potential buyer can maximize the effective technology that they purchase, not wasting any margin for features, marketing, or advertising that the manufacturers have added without regard to building a cost effective platform.
Depending on your specific clinical application, most current revision “Reconditioned” equipment provides a user with the same diagnostic capabilities as the same “New” equipment. However, in the case of “Reconditioned” equipment, at a savings of generally 30-40% less than purchasing new equipment.
We have a network of qualified service representatives that can be dispatched to work on any system. We also have working relationships with all the OEM’s and would dispatch them the same as if they had been called originally. This gives us a unique ability to meet (or exceed) the same standard of service care that the OEM’s can deliver.
In the Field with a hardware and/or software upgrade. “Fortlift” upgrade, by exchanging systems. Trade-In, Discount, and Exchange Program

Further Explanation:

“Upgrade” in the refurbished/reconditioned industry means a cost effective way to move to the next technological step. So we have all the above options to choose from, depending on what meets the customer’s technology and budgetary needs best.
Every system is custom designed and built to meet your exact needs. This upgrade and configuring process usually takes 1 week. In emergency situations, we can expedite a system in less than 1 week, but 10 days is always best to ensure a smooth and accurate delivery.
Extended Service/Warranty program is available on all systems. Full manufacturer’s warranties on new products.
“Used Equipment” has no standard of control. Brokers sell equipment back and forth in the market and sometimes never actually see what they represent. “Reconditioned /Refurbished” equipment is always purchased, brought back to our main facility in Charlotte, NC where it undergoes extensive testing, repairs, upgrades, and re-configured to meet the current need of the customer. That is to say, working 100% technically and looking cosmetically brand new as well.
Most “In-Service/Application” training is done by our consultants that have experience with a particular brand or model system. We have a network of registered, qualified, and experienced technicians that can instruct and train your staff on setting up initially and using any system.
Sony UP-897MD Sony’s smallest and fastest analog B/W printer Sony UPD897 Sony’s digital small format B/W printer Mitsubishi P-93W Mitsubishi’s analog high speed, high performance B/W printer Mitsubishi P-95DW Mitsubishi’s New Digital B/W printer
Sony UP-25MD Sony’s new A6 Color Analog printer that replaces both the UP-20 & UP-21MD printers. Sony UPD25MD Sony’s new A6 Color Digital printer that replaces the UPD23MD. Sony UP-55MD Sony’s A5 Color Analog printer with 8 frames of memory. Sony UP-D55MD Sony’s A5 Color Digital printer with 8 frames of memory.
Sony DVO-1000MD – the DVD authority on medical image recording Sony recommends that you use consumer grade DVD+RW media to work with the DVO-1000MD Medical Grade Recorder.
Yes, the Mitsubishi HS-MD3000U is the only medical grade S-VHS VCR now manufactured.

Models offered:

HS-MD3000U HS-MD3000U-3 34 pint parallel interface board HS-MD3000U-2S RS-232 interface, Sony emulation HS-MD3000U-2P RS-232 interface, Panasonic emulation
Shelf life for the B&W thermal print media is 3 years storage and 5 years printed. Shelf life for Color print media is 2 years storage and 30 years printed.

Black & White Media

Sony and Mitsubishi engineers respectively develop digital/video printers and print media with carefully matched gray scale characteristics to provide the best possible image transfer quality. Sony printing paper is configured in several layers, with each layer playing an essential role in the printing process. Sony print media minimizes the number of harmful ions contained within the paper. These can attack the material of the thermal head and eventually shorten its working life.

Color Media

The stiffness and friction characteristics of the Sony & Mitsubishi media are very carefully matched to their respective printers for reliable paper feeding. This provides vital compatibility between printer and media. Sony & Mitsubishi media are designed to avoid the paper sticking to the ink ribbon which is important in avoiding paper jams and wrinkling of the ribbon. Most importantly, Sony & Mitsubishi have a built-in anti-static layer to minimize the build-up of electrostatic energy during the printing process. This anti-static property is essential to avoid an accumulation of electrostatic energy which can result in an electric spark and possible damage to the electronic components of the thermal printing head.
Sony LMD-1530MD 15” LCD Medical Grade Monitor Sony LMD-1950MD 19” LCD Medical Grade Monitor Sony LMD-2140MD 21” LCD Medical Grade Monitor Sony LMD-2450MD 24” Full HD Widescreen Medical LCD Monitor Sony LMD-3250MD 32” Full HD Widescreen Medical LCD Monitor Panasonic EJ-MLA32U-W 32” Full HD Widescreen Medical Monitor Panasonic EJ-MLA37U-W 37” Full HD Widescreen Medical Monitor