Toshiba Nemio XG

Toshiba Nemio XG

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Quick Overview

Toshiba’s Nemio XG is a fully digital, color, premium imaging system. It is compact, lightweight and portable, yet engineered with the latest technologies. The system is upgradeable to help further expand diagnostic capabilities and enhance clinical insight.

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  • Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF) adds high-performance resolution to Color Doppler Imaging
  • Quickscan optimizes image quality with the touch of a button
  • Trapezoid Imaging extends the field of view for a better overview of the region of interest in both grayscale and color Doppler modes.
  • 3 Transducer Ports
  • Fully Digital Architecture
  • Panoramic View reconstructs a single wide-view frame from continuous images for improved visualization of widespread regions and anatomical relationships
  • 3D/4D Imaging

System Specifications

  • Height: 54 in
  • Width: 19.4 in
  • Depth: 30.7 in
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Display Screen: 15-inch High-Resolution TFT LCD Screen


  • OB/GYN
  • Rectal
  • Cardiac
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Pediatrics
  • Small Parts
  • Surgery
  • Transcranial Imaging
  • Transvaginal
  • Urology
  • Vascular
  • Breast

Transducer Types

  • Phased Array
  • Convex
  • Microconvex
  • Linear
  • Endocavity

Operating Modes

  • B-Mode
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler
  • Continuous Wave Doppler (CW)
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler (PW)
  • Color-Flow Mapping
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)


  • TOSHIBA PSM-25AT – 2.5-3.6MHz, Phased Array (Adult Cardiac)
  • TOSHIBA PSM-37AT – 3.7-5.0MHz, Phased Array (Adult Cardiac)
  • TOSHIBA PSM-37CT – 3.2-5.0MHz, Sector (Abdominal)
  • TOSHIBA PSM-50AT – 5-6MHz, Sector (Pediatric Cardiac)
  • TOSHIBA PSM-70AT – 5-10MHz, Sector (Pediatric Cardiac)
  • TOSHIBA PVM-375AT – 3-6MHz, Convex (Abdominal)
  • TOSHIBA PLM-503AT – 5-9MHz, Linear (Vascular)
  • TOSHIBA PLM-703AT – 6-11MHz, Linear (Peripheral Vascular)
  • TOSHIBA PVM-621VT – 4.5-7.5MHz, Endocavity (OB/GYN)
  • TOSHIBA PVM-651VT – 5-8MHz, Endocavity (OB/GYN)
  • TOSHIBA PLM-805AT – 6-12MHz, Linear (Small Parts)
  • TOSHIBA PLM-1204AT – 8-14MHz, Linear (Small Parts / Breast)
  • TOSHIBA PVM-740RT – 5-10MHz, Endocavity Bi-plane (Trans-rectal)
  • TOSHIBA PVM-662VT – 5.7-8.0MHz, Microconvex (Neonatal)


Imaging Associates offers this ultrasound system in used and fully refurbished condition. Our refurbished ultrasound systems have undergone extensive testing and meet or exceed OEM specifications. They are re-configured to meet the current needs of the customer. They have been completely refurbished technically and cosmetically to like new condition. For more information on this ultrasound system please click on the box located at the top of this page, then fill out and submit the form.


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Weight 220 lbs

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