Sony UP-991AD

Sony UP-991AD


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Black & White Hybrid Graphic Printer. Prints film and paper

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The UP-991AD is a black-and-white hybrid printer that supports both analog and digital signals. UP-991AD offers “PRINT, STORE and GO” capabilities with Sony’s IMAGEPORT™ interface. This allows users to either print image store them on a USB drive and transfer them to a laptop. This dual compatibility is especially critical as imaging systems make the transition from analog to digital technology. The UP-991AD can also use the blue thermal media which produces high quality film-like transparencies. The UP-991AD is the ideal choice for medical black and white analog and digital applications such as ultrasound, mobile c-arm, and cardiac cath lab.

  •  Analog video and digital USB 2.0 interfaces
  •  Worldwide power supply and video signal compatibility
  •  Unique built-in digital capture enables you to store images on a
  •  Fully automatic cutter connected USB drive
  •  Multiple images per sheet (two, four, six)
  •  Sony’s IMAGEPORT™ interface is now incorporated into the UP991AD
  •  Print—–Store—-Go
  •  Fast print speed – approximately 8 seconds
  •  Optional blue transparency film (UPT210BL)
  •  Excellent print quality and contrast
  •  Front panel LCD display for easy operation
  •  Compact design for easy integration into cart based imaging systems

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Weight 18 lbs

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