Sony UP971AD

Sony UP971AD


Quick Overview

Sony is pleased to introduce the new UP-971AD black and white HYBRID graphic printer that supports both analog and digital applications.  This dual compatibility is especially critical as imaging systems make the transition from analog to digital technology.  The UP-971AD has an anaolg video input as well as a USB 2.0 high speed interface for digital printing.  The UP-971AD printer offers a resolutin of 325 DPI for superb picture quality and faster print speed of about 8 seconds.  The UP-971AD Hybrid printer is the ideal choice for medical black and white analog and digital applications such as ultrasound, mobile c-arm, and cardiac cath lab.




For added convenience, the UP-971AD series printer uses the same media as the UP-990AD and UP-970AD series printers.  The media for thses printers are the UPP-210SE, UPP-210HD.

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Features and Benefits:

  • 8 second print speed (approximately)
  • HYBRID Printers incorporate both an analog video input and a digital USB 2.0 HIgh Speed Iterface-Idea for future upgrade from analog to digital systems
  • Uses same media as the UP-970/UP-990AD series printers
  • High-quality, photo like images

Suggested Applicatins:

  • Ultrasound, mobile c-arm, and cardiac cath lab


  • UPP-210SE, UPP210HD

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Weight 17.1 lbs

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