Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can tailor a lease program to fit your exact needs at competitive rates.
Price discounts are available for multiple or volume purchases. Please call for details.
When you purchase a new system, a potential buyer pays for all the extra features that the ultrasound manufacturers added, whether there is a CPT reimbursement for that added feature or not. When you purchase the most current revision “Reconditioned” equipment, a potential buyer can maximize the effective technology that they purchase, not wasting any margin for features, marketing, or advertising that the manufacturers have added without regard to building a cost effective platform.
Depending on your specific clinical application, most current revision “Reconditioned” equipment provides a user with the same diagnostic capabilities as the same “New” equipment. However, in the case of “Reconditioned” equipment, at a savings of generally 30-40% less than purchasing new equipment.
We have a network of qualified service representatives that can be dispatched to work on any system. We also have working relationships with all the OEM’s and would dispatch them the same as if they had been called originally. This gives us a unique ability to meet (or exceed) the same standard of service care that the OEM’s can deliver.
In the Field with a hardware and/or software upgrade. “Fortlift” upgrade, by exchanging systems. Trade-In, Discount, and Exchange Program

Further Explanation:

“Upgrade” in the refurbished/reconditioned industry means a cost effective way to move to the next technological step. So we have all the above options to choose from, depending on what meets the customer’s technology and budgetary needs best.
Every system is custom designed and built to meet your exact needs. This upgrade and configuring process usually takes 1 week. In emergency situations, we can expedite a system in less than 1 week, but 10 days is always best to ensure a smooth and accurate delivery.
Yes, the Mitsubishi HS-MD3000U is the only medical grade S-VHS VCR now manufactured.

Models offered:

HS-MD3000U HS-MD3000U-3 34 pint parallel interface board HS-MD3000U-2S RS-232 interface, Sony emulation HS-MD3000U-2P RS-232 interface, Panasonic emulation
Extended Service/Warranty program is available on all systems. Full manufacturer’s warranties on new products.
Sony UP-897MD Sony’s smallest and fastest analog B/W printer Sony UPD897 Sony’s digital small format B/W printer Mitsubishi P-93W Mitsubishi’s analog high speed, high performance B/W printer Mitsubishi P-95DW Mitsubishi’s New Digital B/W printer