Why should you use Sony print media with Sony printers and Mitsubishi print media with Mitsubishi Printers?

Black & White Media

Sony and Mitsubishi engineers respectively develop digital/video printers and print media with carefully matched gray scale characteristics to provide the best possible image transfer quality.

Sony printing paper is configured in several layers, with each layer playing an essential role in the printing process.

Sony print media minimizes the number of harmful ions contained within the paper. These can attack the material of the thermal head and eventually shorten its working life.

Color Media

The stiffness and friction characteristics of the Sony & Mitsubishi media are very carefully matched to their respective printers for reliable paper feeding. This provides vital compatibility between printer and media.

Sony & Mitsubishi media are designed to avoid the paper sticking to the ink ribbon which is important in avoiding paper jams and wrinkling of the ribbon.

Most importantly, Sony & Mitsubishi have a built-in anti-static layer to minimize

the build-up of electrostatic energy during the printing process. This anti-static

property is essential to avoid an accumulation of electrostatic energy which can result in an electric spark and possible damage to the electronic components of the thermal printing head.